Black owned business – Review Edition πŸ–€

Welcome to my first full page product review on the SoundFreedomBlog! Although this year has been challenging, it has definitely highlighted the resourcefulness, resilience and determination of many.

In the past couple of months, these were some of the items I purchased from black owned businesses. I think they are fab, wanted to spread the lurrve and highlight these to the readers of this blog. Enjoy!


I purchased two pairs of these beautiful colourful socks from Afrisocks.

“Bringing Africa’s colourful prints to your sock draw. Designed in Ghana. Made with love.”

Soft and comfortable, they definitely bring colour and vibrancy to your draws and your outfit. This item speaks of boldness and an identity that stands out as a unique brand. If you want to step out with style, these are the socks for you!

Those who understand the cultural uniqueness and history of these designs, will in my view appreciate this trendy and fashionable sockwear range. I definitely do!

Sunmo Plantain Crisps

“Sunmo means to bring people together.”

Are you in the plan-tin or plan-tayne camp lol? Whichever way you pronounce it, plantain crisps are available in a quite a few different brands and Sunmo is definitely a tasty option. I first heard about the brand watching an interview, where the founder of the company; Nigerian entrepreneur Vivi Diamonds, discussed the journey of building the business.

Her journey is inspiring. From registering the company in 2017, she went on to sell her SUNMO plaintain crisps at food stalls. Due to demand and popularity, she received an investment to develop the brand and the packaging. Her business is growing and stockists range from Selfridges, Amazon, Cafe Nero and Holland & Barratt. I ordered my box from Amazon and my favourite from the four flavours is smoked chilli and naturally sweet! If you love snacks and want to support a growing black owned business, why not try Sunmo snacks.

Shea Moisture with Mankua honey & Mafura Oil

Sofi Tucker started selling Shea Nuts at the village market in Bonthe, Sierra Leone in 1912. By age 19, the widowed mother of four was selling Shea Butter, African Black Soap and her homemade hair and skin preparations all over the countryside. Sofi Tucker was our Grandmother and SheaMoisture is her legacy.

Over the years, I have tried a number of different shampoos that can provide moisture, detangling and nutritional benefits for my natural hair. I recall some years ago when a hair dresser was washing my hair, there was this sweet aroma I could smell and when I asked her for the name of it she introduced me to Shea Moisture. That particular shampoo was enriched with Jamaican black castor oil and I used it religiously. Recently, I fancied a change so I looked through their range for another product that could provide hydration for my hair.

I ordered from the Mankua Honey and Mafura Oil range and I am a satisfied customer.

The smell and the bounce in my curls is pleasing. I am not a fan of conditioners that you have to rinse out, so I am always on the hunt for a good leave-in conditioner. Mankua honey is known for its healing properties and mafura oil for its abilty to nourish dull hair.

I have added these sulfate free products to my hair care routine as I am satisfied with the way my hair and scalp feels after using them!

Cocoa Girl Magazine

“The UK’s first Black Girls’ magazine. Cocoa Girl Magazine is filled with inspiring and empowering content for young Black Girls aged 7-14 years old.”

To talk about an issue is good, but to positively address an issue to me is even better. Serlina Boyd did just that. Her 6 year old daughter was experiencing difficulties at school because of her skin colour, so to empower her daughter and black girls around the world, she designed and published Cocoa Girl magazine. A magazine that celebrates the beauty, culture and diversity of God given shades of brown skin. Rather than wait for others to bring the change (could be waiting a while), Serlina created the change she wants to see NOW.

I purchased the magazine and page after page was filled with positive, affirming, inspiring content. The magazine is bright, bold and interactive. The content also stimulates thinking and encourages healthy eating, good hair care routines, colouring in and writing. The tone is upbeat and although this is a children’s magazine, there are loving references to different generations. For example, learning how to bake “Grandma’s Banana Cake”, learning about the life of Mary Seacole and current millennial influencers who are building careers in writing, journalism, fashion and media. Issue 1, was highly engaging and well worth the purchase. Look out for Issue 2 and would love to hear your feedback.


“Art is therapeutic and relaxing and I truly enjoy it.” – Cassie Manning aka NubianRockChick

I tried to remember how I first became acquainted with the work of this artist. What I can remember is that whenever her artwork would show up on my instagram feed, I could relate to this artwork which highlighted the multifaceted aspects of our lives as women. This is an artist who creates, understands and motivates us through her art. I was in the process of writing a blog and when I asked NRC if I could feature her artwork in my blog, she permitted me to do so, for which I am still so thankful ( You can read that blog here: Reflect and CHILL Featured Post).

She not only has a social media presence, but has translated her art into a number of items that you can purchase from her online store. As I’m partial to a bit of writing, I purchased the notepad to add to my stationary collection.

An chic A5 notepad with flavour, as each leaf has the trendy afro haired sista sitting at the corner of the page. This notepad, is strong, sturdy and of good quality and the packaging for postage was equally as durable and proficient. Check out her beautiful items on her online store!

Armsmac Designs

A creative company which employs art as a visual communication tool. The company prides itself in its ability to provide clients with unique works of art. ARMSMAC does this by transforming ordinary ideas into timeless and sophisticated visual works.

No matter how many artists there are in the world, every artist provides a powerful, unique message through their work. I have learned this even more having been acquainted with the visual art created by Armsmac designs. To know the artist, is to also know and understand the passion, the time it takes to intricately complete each work and the vision for why that art was created. I love this design so I opted to purchase this on a mug, mask and t-shirt.

Armsmac art encompasses many different styles of contemporary fine art and genres which aim to interpret and portray socio-economic, familial, political challenges and rich traditions. Not only are there original pieces of art available but they are also transferred on a number of different merchandise such as clothing, stationary, accessories and home interior decor. For art lovers everywhere, there is much to choose from, enjoy whilst you explore!

So that’s my first Black owned business Review edition! So very proud of all the businesses and the achievements that are being made. Thank you for reading and feel free to like, follow and comment about the review. Stay Blessed!

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