Reflect and Chill

I remember in my childhood, growing up by the seasoned women in my life, there was usually a healthy stock of capsuled and bottled vitamins at the ready such as Ferrol, Cod Liver Oil, Sanatogen Tonic and oh my goodness Liquid of Life! My mother ensured I took my daily vitamin cordial, and had the full support of grandmother and aunt who with jovial Jamaican bantor, routinely assured me that additional vitamins would serve to “mek you strong an healthy”. 

Fast forward to the present, my grandmother is no longer with us, but I have vitamin cupboard that I’m sure would have her stamp of approval. I can’t help but smile at the fact that I now routinely remind myself to take my daily dose of iron, probiotics and vitamin D. But nothing beats the blessed levels of vitamin D that my body has received from the beautiful sunshine that is always welcome when you live in the UK. During the month of June 2020, shining on my melanin, I’m grateful for the those days where rays of heat reminded me of how seasons change. Six months on, mid year, already! Easing out of lockdown, into something different?

“For everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven…He has made everything beautiful in its time.” -Ecclesiastes 3:1,11

For some this point of the year may mark nothing more than the same old routine, stress, contentment? I know it varies, but for some, approaching a new month especially in a year like 2020 can mark specific changes, challenges and vital life choices to be made that impact family, friendships, health, wellbeing and career.

For the past three months, I have embraced the extra hours that were usually soaked up by the necessary travel to and fro across the M25. More moments to reflect. Chores, errands and busyness can at times leave us with just enough room to engage with the matters of the heart on a superficial level. But reflection right now has become more thought provoking and self examining. It is deliberate and focused. Purposeful and engaging. A necessary process that helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses, failures and progress. Sifting through sources of influence; myths and truths, lies and logic and everything in between. 


2019 New Year’s Eve, I was ready for 2020 in how I thought it would transpire. Six months on, reflective analysis question 1. Did I grow in my faith? I had to. Trusting God, seeking and learning to be patient in the things I don’t control. In addition, this seasoned fine tuned my connection and relationship to healthy minded individuals, encouragers, loved ones family.

Appreciative, that I am accountable to love. God’s love. This compels me, to walk freely in His wonderful provision and who He created me to be individually and as a member of His huge family! Blessed to be a blessing, even in circumstances that we cannot control, by faith, God kept my focus on His promise that He still has a plan and that will never change. Life is filled with change. Change for the better, the bad and the good. 6 months on, has life changed the way you thought it would?


Balance. This is a key principle in my life.

“Seek patience and passion in equal amounts. Patience alone will not build the temple. Passion alone will destroy it’s walls.” – Maya Angelou

The rat race, the donkey race, the dog eat dog race. There are more than one kind of race taking place in peoples lives. The financial race, the get to the top race. Ever heard someone say that their mind is racing? That’s because even when the body is stationary the mental race with thoughts and plans, is still whizzing, still working, still processing. It’s okay to take a moment.

Rest is the due service to our bodies that promote and sustain our general health. Rest is refreshing in the world of non stop activity. As we enter a new phase, whatever your race on your busiest days, make time to serve your body and mind with the rest it deserves.


I knew we were in a technological world before the pandemic, but lock down took it to the next level. So much so, my laptop battery jack socket recently just gave up. I hear that on a lock down Sunday morning, as the saints went logging in, even zoom decided he was all zoomed out and crashed!

When our tech devices do work, they carry to our minds like a river to a stream, floods of social media content, videos, lives, discussions and zoom meetings. But does it refill us to serve our purpose? Do you notice the message on the printer when the ink has depleted and you add a new cartridge. The message then tells you how it feels about the refill. Whether it was the genuine brand or something else. The printer manufacturer is reminding the user that in order for the printer to perform at its best, the quality of the refill should not be ignored. Neither should we. We too benefit when we serve our lives with quality refill.

The choice of spiritual, educational and mental fuel is so vast from a plethora of platforms. Bibles, books, music, podcasts. One particular podcast I’d like to shout out is Christ n Chill Two sisters in Christ bringing you unapologetic conversation…’ It’s lively, thought provoking, edifying and uplifting! My kind of audio, on the days when I feel like a sister chat of positive vibes and content! What’s your favourite podcast at the moment?


My husband is a visual artist, (@Armsmac) so I see colourful creativity daily. He had an exhibition planned, but Corona meant the initial date was prosponed. Yet, reviewing his options in lockdown confinement, he recognised his creativity can still be shared and celebrated with the world via online store. He did it and while setting his creative mind free, he never failed to encourage me to step out and share my gifting in new ways. I did too.

Nervous at times. But when I did, defeat the fear, I learned something new about myself, and how to move take bigger strides with confidence and courage.

Maybe as you review your goals you’ll see how consistent you are, what you learned,  what you gained, what you now want to work towards, and the steps needed to make positive change.


The exciting movement that ignite your passion and sets the focus. Daily, active steps and assignments completed sustains the momentum. On the journey to our destination, although it sounds simple, it really does require persistence to complete one consistent task a time.

A lot can still happen in the next 6 months. When thinking of the future there is always uncertainty, definitely challenges, even some barriers. But when graciously gifted with life for a new day…

“Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” -Matthew 6:34

Stay focused and stay blessed.

*Special thanks to @Nubianrockchick for the feature of the beautiful, inspirational artwork owned by Cassie Manning. *Use of images have been authorised by owner for this post. Not available for redistribution*

Please check out and YouTube page NubianRockChick

*As mentioned in this post, you can listen to the Christ N Chill Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Stitcher,, Googleplay. We are working on a lil’ collaboration too…whoop!

*Artwork by @Armsmac available via

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14 thoughts on “Reflect and Chill

    1. Loved this post! Favourite section: ‘Blessed to be a blessing, even in circumstances that we cannot control, by faith, God kept my focus on His promise that He still has a plan and that will never change‘ – that really touched me. As I feel this is a time we really don’t know what is going on but we have to trust in the almighty. Bless you sister! ❤️


  1. I loved your post, loaded with positivity and enlightenment, in times that we all need a little bit of both. Thank you for following my blog, I love following back!!! I’ll see you around😊


      1. Thank u so much for this sis. It was a refreshing read and thought provoking even if it was to take my tonics lol.
        No I loved it all. The art work was amazing. Thanks again look forward to the next blog x

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this post Fi…. I can relate to being inspired to want to share my gift in different ways to uplift and bless others…. despite my confidence and self esteem issues…. I stepped out and was only able to do that by trusting God and knowing it could be the answer, the inspiration or encouragement someone needs.
    Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration… you are truly creative, innovative and encouraging… bless you Fi
    Love Miche xx

    Liked by 1 person

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