Lockdown Chronicles

We plan, but who decides? When I tell you that Corona Virus did not come play with 2020. A leap year that at times I wished we could just leap right out of!

The beginning of March is a beloved time. I get to be thankful, treat myself, and celebrate another year of my life on earth. This year, I was slightly busy leading up to it and left invites to the birthday socials a little late, but hey! I was still going to get my party on, get my pamper on, my relaxation on, come on now!

Travelling into Central London this time around meant that I had to carry some added essentials; plastic gloves, ginger and plenty of hand sanitiser. The atmosphere in various social settings was still buzzing’. So, Friday kickoff with the ladies and I, Nando’s and Karaoke. Saturday, spa day treatment (I love me a good facial) followed by swanky restaurant in the evening and cheeky stop on the way home to the Candy store for delightful sweeties galore. Sunday treat with Hubby, dining at the “First Dates” Restaurant. It all ends on Monday with a lunch time catch-up at WagaMama’s with the friend who appreciates exploring the world of limited edition flavoured ice cream (especially when they are on sale). It’s okay, wash your hands repeatedly, sanitise and keep it moving. A lovely weekend indeed, but in the background a growing sense of societal concern about a disease they say began in Wuhan, China and was now about to sweep though the UK. And so it begins…Lockdown.

Two weeks later, lockdown is official. Well, this is different. Working from home, retail stores shut, restaurants, schools, church, businesses and so on and so on. Toilet paper, pasta and flour shortages? Still have access to the essential stores, but we now adhere to this new benchmark for contact, called social distancing.

Mask wearing. Can’t see family, can’t see friends. Daily updates. Death tolls. Fear. Anxiety. World Leaders, Scientists, Governments, how do they deal with this pandemic? Every family finds their own way. We navigate week by week, focusing on that which is most important. Everything that can be shaken is shaken. But you know this, you feel this, because the whole world is in this.

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