The Beauty Blog! Featuring JR Glow

Greetings! It has been a while…Busy with work, the launch of the new music single and life in general; but as it is finally December, feels different from previous years, but I’m still thankful to be approaching the end of the year 2020. We all know what 2020 has represented, however in the midst ofContinue reading “The Beauty Blog! Featuring JR Glow”

New Music! New Single! 2020

My last EP released in 2017, included 3 songs; Love for Me, Glory Cloud and King of kings. I worked alongside fabulous producer and co writers – Ian Copeland Green, Marcus Johnson and Cal-I-Jonel to share musically what I feel was a special moment in my spiritual, song writing and artistic journey. There were twoContinue reading “New Music! New Single! 2020”

Anniversary Blog!

A special blog to celebrate our wedding anniversary 🎉 “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” – Ecclesiastes 3: 11 This time three years ago we celebrated our marriage, love and covenant before God with friends, family and loved ones! This year felt so special. Growing in love takes work and intention, patience andContinue reading “Anniversary Blog!”

Unearthing Fibroids-My Story…Part 2

Since sharing my last post – Unearthing Fibroids – Part 1, I took the time to process the very honest, moving responses and personal journeys that a number of women shared with me on and offline. A deep confirmation, that our experiences on so many levels although unique are not uncommon. I am proud andContinue reading “Unearthing Fibroids-My Story…Part 2”

Black owned business – Review Edition 🖤

Welcome to my first full page product review on the SoundFreedomBlog! Although this year has been challenging, it has definitely highlighted the resourcefulness, resilience and determination of many. In the past couple of months, these were some of the items I purchased from black owned businesses. I think they are fab, wanted to spread theContinue reading “Black owned business – Review Edition 🖤”

Unearthing Fibroids – My Story… Part 1

“Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died” – Martha, John 11:21 These are the words of a grieving sister mourning the loss of her brother Lazarus. Crushed by bereavement, she believes that circumstances could have been different. I know Martha usually gets a bad rap in many sermons for herContinue reading “Unearthing Fibroids – My Story… Part 1”

My Purpose in…Creative Expression✨

‘ChristNChill have a blog series called ‘My Purpose in…’ This consists of a number of heartfelt blog pieces which will inspire and motivate you.’ I enjoyed writing as part of this series and hope you will be inspired. To Read the new blog from the ChristnChill website, click on the link below ✨

July so far…

…It’s been a busy, but productive one! Posting a little update and saying Hi! A huge relief that now, thanks to Power4laptops and my hubby, my laptop is healed..for now. Working on new logo, new learning, new discoveries, new music and new fitness routine, has keeping me well and truly busy. Sweets and Treats WorkingContinue reading “July so far…”

Lockdown Chronicles

We plan, but who decides? When I tell you that Corona Virus did not come play with 2020. A leap year that at times I wished we could just leap right out of! The beginning of March is a beloved time. I get to be thankful, treat myself, and celebrate another year of my lifeContinue reading “Lockdown Chronicles”