New Music! New Single! 2020

My last EP released in 2017, included 3 songs; Love for Me, Glory Cloud and King of kings. I worked alongside fabulous producer and co writers – Ian Copeland Green, Marcus Johnson and Cal-I-Jonel to share musically what I feel was a special moment in my spiritual, song writing and artistic journey.

There were two visuals released for the Ep. Each video represented a different theme, message and style expression. For the Glory Cloud visual, I collaborated with Father 2 Father, to highlight social issues of youth violence, absentee fathers, racism and the persecution of Christians trying to practice their faith. The song itself with vibe and style is intended to remind listeners that no matter what state the world is in, God has demonstrated that He will never cease to guide and protect those who put their trust in Him.

The Love For Me video, was shot in Ghana and creative direction was arranged my husband, the very month that we got engaged. I was excited and thankful to God, not only about the fact that Love For Me was a celebration and reminder of God’s love for those who honour Him; but bringing together our creative gifts for the visual, also had the celebratory undertone of two cultures coming together and a celebration of our pending marital love. I had a great opportunity to perform at landmark locations in Ghana with vibrancy, colours, and young ladies who shine with fun and boldness for God.

The chorus to King of Kings was first written as an “add on” to a well known Christmas hymn I was asked to perform for a Premier Radio Christmas special. A friend heard the recording and contacted me to say how inspired he was hearing the chorus. His feedback in turn inspired me to write a full length song. Once recorded, a lyric video was released and this for me was a satisfactory completion of this project.

With personal life changes, I actually experienced within a two year period something I can only describe as a “writer’s drought”. A period were song writing attempts felt more like a desert than a stream. I accepted that maybe this was God wanting me to focus on other things.

“For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands,” 2 Timothy 1:6

But then I felt reassured, that there was no pressure to make more music if it was not authentic. As a writer I need to continue living life and let that and my daily walk with Christ inspire the writing. Song writing to me is not only a gift, but part of the road to an unfolding purpose. I felt at peace. That is what happened, as I lived life, observed, listened and prayed, I heard melodies and put pen to paper. This is the beginning or should I say the conception of the creative process – for me. Once I get into the studio with the producer, the raw accapella and lyrics will grow into a finished song. Some songs I have started remain unfinished, but one that cascaded on to my blank canvas, was my new single – Direction.

There is no doubt that practicing Christians understand the joy and gratitude of receiving and experiencing spiritual renewal. Yet, the Bible does not hide the fact that even with Christ in our lives, our human life experiences are not absent of some deeply challenging seasons. Some believers and even the cynics my consider your trials and ponder; “surely because God is good, a believers life when committed to Him, will be “good” and smooth sailing?” Well, God matures us somewhat from such thinking and gives us the example of Jesus travelling in the boat with the disciples and on their voyage their boat is in the middle of a storm. The storm did not suddenly cease because of Christ’s presence. Rather, Jesus asked that they add faith and trust in Him to the circumstance. And equally, life storms can help mature our faith in God. Those very storms can somehow serve the purpose of helping us mature and gain a deeper revelation of who God really is.

And He said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” – Exodus 33:14

I’m sure that all who are reading this blog have experienced a life situation that was difficult, traumatic or even tragic. What we face is one thing but how we respond is another. Is it depression, lack of hope or allowing the situation to take us down the road of engaging in things that may provide temporary alleviation of pain, but add to the long term distress?

I wrote the song Direction so that listeners can hear a respectfully honest dialogue with God. In the Bible we see this quite often between God and people like Moses, David, Hannah, Mary, Jeremiah and Abraham to name a few. So I felt I was in good company. For my generation, and for those who know nothing about God, I wanted to demonstrate that God does not despise a heart posture of being real and vulnerable. In fact, that is the safest place, where we can be assured that He can be trusted to respond appropriately, in His time with pure, unbiased truth and love.

From verse 1, there is honesty to affirmation and then faith to assurance that God has a purpose in the seasons that seem dark. Reminding us that He is the light that leads us out of darkness and He is the One we need to acknowledge when we are making our life decisions because He fully knows the purpose for why He created us.

I uploaded the lyric video for Direction on 30.10.2020. I am so happy that in the year 2020, I have been afforded another opportunity to share new music…just before the beginning of another 4 week lockdown. Based on the feedback so far, this feels like the right time and season for the song’s release. Would love to hear your feedback.

Thank you once again for reading my first full music blog! Stay tuned for the music video too! Don’t forget to comment, share and subscribe for alerts and updates on my Youtube channel platform.

Stream the new song Direction here.

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