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Greetings! It has been a while…Busy with work, the launch of the new music single and life in general; but as it is finally December, feels different from previous years, but I’m still thankful to be approaching the end of the year 2020.

We all know what 2020 has represented, however in the midst of it all, there are still so many significant highlights to this year. Launching the new music single Direction, and hearing the feedback has been a blessing and I worked collectively with many professionals for all aspects of the release.

To complete the single front cover design, I utilised the fantastic skills of hair and makeup beautician Ruth Joyce Akinmoladun the founder of J.R GLOW and my interview with her features in this beauty blog today!

Welcome to the Sound Freedom Blog Ruth! Pleasure to have you as a feature…please do tell the readers about yourself…

My name is Ruth, I am 33 years old. I am a mother of 3. I’m a Christian by faith and I love everything I do. I also love the God-given gifts I have. Artistry in hair, make up and arts; like painting, photography, singing, writing etc. The list is quite long, lol.

My weakness is I am a perfectionist. I am a self-taught makeup artist and a qualified hairstylist in colour and styling which includes cuts also for both women and men.

Wow, that is a healthy resume! The beauty industry is a vast and multi-layered global business. From Modelling, to magazines, fashion, TV, cosmetic stores; the industry continues to experience growth and space for fresh new businesses like yours, especially due to the popular use of social media. How would you define beauty in the age of social media?

Beauty is the skin we live in. The hair on our head. The nature we look at. Things in its natural state. What I do with hair and makeup, is show you a variant of what your beauty can do when applied with colour and different mediums, just like an artist with paint.

I can definitely identify with what you are saying. Having worked with you on the shoot, you were able to listen to the ideas I had, but provided a beautiful interpretation of what I needed. So, When did you realise you had a passion to work in the beauty and hair industry?

When I had my daughter, I wanted my daughter to see that beauty to the world is constructed by a distorted perception of what beauty is. God first gave us light, then colour, then each other. Now, what we do with it is up to us. However, some of these creative sources were inspired by God. This is just a few of the things, I’ve chosen to do with it, using light, colour, shapes all the resources and the God given skin we live in.

Yes. I think it is evident for a long time there was a pressure for women especially, to conform to a particular western beauty standard. However, God as the master artist who has created so much varieties of one flower did so on purpose. What are some of the challenges you have or are experiencing?

Building Clientele is hard during a pandemic. Trying to build trust with clients is key.

Yes, it really has a been a difficult time for many businesses. I noticed however, that you took the time to ensure you responded to the pandemic, by upskilling and gaining your certificate in Covid health and safety, so clients can be fully assured that you are up to date with all the protocols required to work during the pandemic. On that note, tell us what your stand out highlight was for 2020?

Being able to see things come together for me and my family this year!

Wonderful…and a random question what’s your favourite food?

Pad thai with broccoli

Oh yummy! What can we expect to see from you in 2021?

Hopefully a new website, more content on social media and a few surprises.

Yes! Loving your content and looking forward to that. Please tell the readers how they can book, connect or engage with you for the coming year 2021?

Instagram @jrglow2 for Beauty

@j.r_glow for Hair

Now, this was just a taster of getting to know Ruth, however I know you will not be disappointed when you check out her content. Ruth is an example of a woman who is using her gifts uniquely. Her life’s testimony from being homeless, to now raising three children and running her own hair and beauty service, is truly an inspiration to any one who feels that they cannot overcome a bad experience.

So as we approach the end of 2020 remember that beauty is to fully embrace how we are created and never forgetting that a beautiful spirit far outweighs what we could apply to our bodies externally. It starts from within. Ruth truly has a beautiful spirit and I look forward to seeing her blossom and grow dynamically in the future! On that note have a listen to this beautiful song by Carl Beckles in this season of celebration which reminds us that we are beautiful ultimately because we were created by an awesome God!

Thank you for reading and supporting!! Check out some discounts and links to the beauty and body products that I love and have discovered this year!! Perfect for a beauty bag revamp, Christmas prezzies or hamper fillers!! (nb limited time frame on discount links).

Merry Christmas ❤️

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8 thoughts on “The Beauty Blog! Featuring JR Glow

  1. Amazing story shared by Ruth. God bless you for this amazing interview and write up, I pray her 3 beautiful kids become as beautiful as her inside and out. Keep empowering the children of God around the world. God bless you. 💞

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